Uninstalling VMWare Workstation when Hyper-V is installed

Well, it was annoying enough that VMWare doesn’t launch on my machine when Hyper-V is installed. I’m skeptical that VMWare wouldn’t run if Hyper-V isn’t running at the same time, and this check just reeks of anti-competition.

Unfortunately for VMWare, that can work against them rather than encourage me to uninstall Hyper-V. That means I’m ditching them for now (mainly as Visual Studio integration with Hyper-V for things like Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 development is good; not to mention, Hyper-V is built in and doesn’t cost extra).

I went to uninstall VMWare today but got this error:


Wow! Talk about pain in the ass.

Fortunately a quick search later, Jussi Palo has a simple solution, altering the installer’s lua script to skip this check:

Remove VMware Workstation or Player when Hyper-V is installed

And now I can uninstall.

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