Visual Basic 6X

Allows integrating Visual Basic 6 projects into your Visual Studio solution

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Visual Basic 6X

This extension allows you to load and build VB6 projects from within Visual Studio.


You can log and track bugs and feature requests at the project issues page.


  • Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013 +
  • Visual Basic 6

In order to build the project, you will still need Visual Basic 6 installed.

How To

You will need to use the project converter to convert the project from VBP to VBPX.

  1. Use the converter to convert your VBP to VBPX
  2. Add your VBPX project to your Visual Studio solution.


The extension simply defines a new project type, and will turn your VB6 project into an MSBuild project file that can be fully integrated into the Visual Studio / MSBuild build process like C# and VB.NET projects.


It's recommended you still use VB6 to open, edit and debug your projects, as the language is not supported from within the IDE. This extension is purely to bring your VB6 projects into the Visual Studio buid process.